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The Education Committee’s Fourth Report – Children First: the child protection system in England has just been produced, a report in which there seems little mention of what could be termed miscarriages of justice;  such as those continually reported by Christopher Booker. (Caveat: admittedly, I have yet to read the report in detail).

It is worth reading the background and how the child protection service is run to see an entwined bureaucratic melee of government departments and NGOs who all have a finger in the pie, coupled with the lists of who provided written and additional written evidence – from which it is possible to draw your own conclusions.

I can but return to the video in this post and repeat the words of John Hemming:

“…….just to give you an aside, a social worker came to see me in Birmingham, at my advice bureau, told me how he used to work with the parent’s solicitors to work out how to ensure the parents lost their case……”

which makes all the more remarkable this article in the Guardian Cif by “Frank”, a social worker with 30 years experience, who writes:

“… workers do not simply pop by and check that everything is all right within a household, and whisk a child away at the drop of a hat if it isn’t…….”

when it would appear from articles by Booker and Hemming that that is just what does happen.

When one reads this story from March 2012 which appeared in the Mail – and from memory Christopher Booker has written about this aspect – and which quotes a study by Professor Jane Ireland, a forensic psychologist, who examined more than 127 expert witness reports used in family court cases in three areas of England; finding that 90 per cent were produced by clinicians who no longer practise, but instead earn their living entirely as ‘professional expert witnesses’ paid for by council social work departments – one has to ask just what the hell is going on; and that a social worker with 30 years experience did not know such a practice existed?

Mention of Cafcass was made by John Hemming; and in the Education Committee’s report mention was also made of the report by Professor Eileen Munro – both of which can be accessed here and here.

This scandal is one that is going to run and run – and as I wrote earlier, I fully intend that it will.


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  1. John says:

    “This scandal is one that is going to run and run – and as I wrote earlier, I fully intend that it will”

    Presumably you will soon be found hanged/poisoned/accidentally-tripped-over-a-mouse-and-died in a wood/on-a-beach somewhere with the requisite suicide note penned in someone elses handwriting ?
    Strange things seem to happen to those who question the SocialWorkerGestapo.
    Educational social workers even have their own office at a local school. Children are regularly questioned without parents present.
    As another parent said: “a room full of adults and one child, and the child is the brightest there”

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  2. John says:

    No. No naming. My G/children go there and I, as a parent, have come-up against ESWs’ before…and lost, as all do.
    Maybe you did not know that if your child fails to attend school you are committing an offence ?
    Even if you take that child physically to the school and hand him/her over to staff and the child then walks straight out (with no attempt to stop him/her by the same staff) you are still guilty. No not guilty plea is possible, it is an absolute offence.
    Personally, I would rather talk to a drunk, violent drug addict at midnight than an educational social worker. The drunk would make more sense and be more intelligent.

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