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Cameron “highjacks” Davos

Or so the headline in thelocal.ch would have us believe, reporting that one of the “Stags”, namely Mark, seems to be having a little “Rutte” of his own:

“At the same time, you can never predict whether at one stage a country would want to leave the eurozone and I think it should be possible.”

although some “does”, specifically those answering to the name of Kenny, did not seem to appreciate it was the “Rutteing” season.

The fact that Rutte states that¬† it is not possible to repatriate tasks to the national level, a point that has been made by other leaders of the Member States, does not bode well for Cameron and his “repatriation meme” – unless of course he invokes Article 50.

As Rutte says, where membership of the European Union is concerned, “going dutch” is not an option.


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