But, Mr. Cameron, EU are not the boss

So the date of the “Big Speech”, the one in which the CEO of Region UK will address his workers on a speech about “Arbeit Macht Frei”, has been changed yet again. Not only does our CEO not choose to address his workers on the floor of his own factory but chooses to so do on the floor of  someone else’s factory. The latest change of date has been occasioned, so we are led to believe, by the need not to disrupt the celebrations which involve one country deciding never again (well, at least not in the foreseeable future) to whip the arse of another.

A few days ago Subrosa linked to the following video which shows 1000 years of war in five minutes:

And how many of these battles were started by the people involved without guidance/direction/instigation of/by “others”?

What this video does not show is the battles that have taken place twixt the peoples of a nation and their rulers, be those rulers ones of a monarchy or political dynasty.

How might the world have become a better planet, a more harmonious planet, had not the people of all nations allowed themselves to be led into “wars”, or “battles”, at the behest of “ideologues”?

With Cameron’s forthcoming “diktat”, because that is what his “Big Speech” will be, are the people of this country about to be led into another “war”. or “battle”, by yet another “ideologue”?

Just musing………….


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  1. Edward Spalton says:

    As he is delivering his pronouncement in Holland, at least he will not be able to bring the tablets down from the mountain top.

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