Britzerland – ‘coitus-interruptus’

Andrew Gimson writes in the Guardian about Boris Johnsons ‘interview’ in the Christmas edition of Weltwoche, a magazine published in Zurich. This story has also received coverage in The Local (Swiss news in English, available on-line).

Johnson is floating the idea of a new outer ring of European countries, ones able to trade with the EU but not being constrained by the “integrationist Brussels concept”, as he terms it.

According to Gimson the subtlety of Johnson’s position lies in the fact that he too is against withdrawal. That such a position can be expounded by both politician and journalist leads one to question if either know squat-diddley about that which they speak and write. If Johnson wants ‘coitus-interruptus’ then he has no option but to withdraw – one is either in’ or ‘out’. One is continually amazed by two aspects when ‘matters EU’ are discussed by politicians and journalists; (a) that withdrawal means an inability to trade with the European Union and, (b) that renegotiation is still possible with a view to ‘clawing back’ certain powers. That these myths are allowed to persist really does beggar belief.

Ever since 1972 the political class have lied to the British public about membership of the EEC/EC/EU, aided and abetted by their compliant media – and the process continues. When considering opposition to the political class where, for example, is the voice of Better Off Out or The Freedom Association when one looks at attempts to rebut these lies? More to the point where is Ukip?Other than blogs, there is no evidence of a concerted campaign by those opposed to EU membership. Unfortunately one can but assume that a concerted campaign is hindered somewhat by the egos of the various bodies that are opposed to EU membership as they will all wish to be the ‘lead’ organisation. Methinks that a few heads need ‘banging together’.

Just saying………..


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  1. Tcheuchter says:

    “Methinks that a few heads need banging together.”

    Indeed they do! Not least of all…….. 🙂

    Just saying…….

  2. kenomeat says:

    How many times have Better Off Out or The Freedom Association been mentioned in the mass media? They are deliberately ignored. They could march an army on Parliament and it still wouldn’t be mentioned on the BBC. You probably remember the protest demo outside Parliament a few years ago by UKIP and others objecting to Lisbon. A demonstration at the Houses of Parliament was mentioned by the BBC that day – a handful of Fathers for Justice (or whatever its called) protesters on the roof. So any truths that might be spoken by these organisations will not be listened to.

  3. cosmic says:

    BOO and the TFA seem to belong to another era.

    There’s also The People’ Pledge, which is largely about forcing a referendum and doesn’t seem to go much further.

    The Bruges Group has people making statements about how the Eurozone is changing and we need a ‘new relationship’. All very worthy and I’m sure it has some influence.

    Not much nitty gritty about the mechanics of getting out or what this ‘new relationship’ could comprise from any of them.

    I think this idea of a renegotiation with repatriation of powers appears to be totally reasonable and I suspect that a lot of Conservatives actually believe it. When asked about how it would come about, say by article 48 of the TEU, you get handwaving about how a new treaty will need to be negotiated for the political, monetary and fiscal integration necessary for the Eurozone to be recast, and basically our agreement will be the price for letting us pick and choose. Oh, and we’re not in the Eurozone and have had opt outs and a budget rebate so it is negotiable. The fact that it’s been made clear that the UK won’t be allowed to interfere with the Eurozone project and won’t get any concessions is dismissed as a negotiating stance.

    About the only people pointing out that there isn’t a half-way house, Goldilocks solution, and a practical means of extracting ourselves needs pondering are as you say, a few bloggers and contributors to comment sections in newspapers. People like Peter Hitchens have always been quite clear that there isn’t a compromise position.

    UKIP, of course point out that there isn’t a half-way house position.

  4. Stuart says:

    I thought there already was an outer ring. It’s called EFTA. Still exposed to the EU’s integrationist agenda though. Poor old Switzerland is seriously bullied by the EU.

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