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The Centre for British Influence fires their starting gun tonight in front of an audience of 200 people from the worlds of politics, the media, business, diplomacy, trade unions and think tanks with the intention, so they inform us, of bringing back sense to the debate of Britain’s future in Europe.

According to this organization many British people think their country is powerless in Europe, a belief that is dismissed as being fundamentally wrong and unpatriotic. Really? Perhaps the Centre for British Influence can demonstrate just where that power lies and with whom? Is it not unpatriotic to cede the right to make legislation, to cede sovereignty, to a foreign body?

The Centre for British Influence believes that it occupies the centre-ground (ah, the beloved centre-ground, somewhere now so crowded it is a surprise there is any room left) yet where a nation’s sovereignty is concerned there can be no centre-ground – a nation either has it or it hasn’t. It is, therefore, on the matter of sovereignty that the entire question of the UK’s membership of the European Union rests. Has not that sovereignty over the last four decades been eaten away, piece by piece, by the actions of the European Union in pursuit of “ever closer union”?

Update: Courtesy of cosmic in the comments the following link is worth reading as it contains some pertinent questions raised by Lee Rotherham:

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  1. cosmic says:

    It’s covered here by Lee Rotherham.

    It certainly looks as if it’s funded one way or another by the EU.

  2. Nick says:

    You know as well as I – and are making more progress with the Harrogate agenda that your comment:

    “…Is it not unpatriotic to cede the right to make legislation, to cede sovereignty, to a foreign body?…”

    that it is also unpatriotic to cede such to a *local* body as well.

    The last twenty years have been a stark lesson in the dangers of professional politicians and the utter failure and malice of the party machines. We need to bring our own dog to heel before we consider telling our neighbours how to train theirs.

    (I apologise for removing the copyright quote, I hope you don’t mind)

  3. Edward. says:

    “Centre for British Influence”

    More like, Common purpose = supports the EU.

  4. Ian Hills says:

    The fellow behind this outfit has a consultancy business in Brussels – so he’s little more than a bagman, ferrying cash from big firms to Commission staff, in return for draconian directives aimed at crippling small businesses. Crony capitalism at its worst.

  5. Robin says:

    Who wants influence in other countries affairs , and what does it gain ?

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