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Politics Home links to a Times article (£) stating: “Fire service control rooms that have never been used are costing the taxpayer £1m every month. The Government’s “FiReControl” project has so far cost £270m with additional costs for rent, maintenance and utility bills to be paid for more than 20 years”. By stating “The Government’s “FIReControl” project, presumably the Times is attempting to lay the blame at the door of the Coalition. Not being privy to what is behind the Times paywall, my conjecture may well be misplaced.

This is of course an old story, one that has been rumbling for quite a few years – witness this editorial from the Telegraph in January 2011 and this article from the Guardian in September of the same year. The ‘regionalisation’, if one may use that term, of fire control centres was the decision of John Prescott in the days of the Blair government, with of course a helping hand from Gordon Brown regarding the funding. As the result of a ‘Major’ funding scheme concocted by those who believe they are God’s gift to politics and economics, the public is saddled with enormous debt.

Therefore besides “Referism” on national budgets, perhaps we need a tad of “Referism” where contracts are signed for public services. On second thoughts, in view of past experience encapsulating idiots (muttering or otherwise), perhaps we need “Referism” on every decision taken by our politicians prior to it being implemented.

One final thought: Perhaps at Harrogate we can save David Cameron the trouble of “re-inventing government” – we’ll do it for him!

Just a suggestion…………..


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  1. Peter C says:

    Yes, another stupid PFI contract, similar to the ones they apparently intend to give Nuclear power plant developers, guaranteed exceptionally high returns, guaranteed by the tax payer of course. A quicker cure would be to make the guarantees personal for MPs.

  2. david says:

    Funny you should mention making them pay………5kwp

  3. Edward. says:

    Just another small but integral part, in the greater cantonisation of Britain. We are now but a provincial outpost of the Greater European Soviet; they will be opened soon enough, when our Masters in Brussels decree it to be so, patience and hold your tongue there Witty – for we are watching you………………………..;-)

  4. Edward Spalton says:

    Hello Edward from Edward
    You are quite right. The regional fire control centres were set up to give the EU-inspired Regional Assemblies something to do. If you look at the contractors who helped to build them, you will find a subsidiary of EADS (the European Defence Procurement Company) amongst them and some of the highest in the land as directors of various participants in the rip off.

    Prescott’s top civil servant was Sir Peter Housden who is now continuing the EU project of breaking up the UK as chief civil servant for Alex Salmond . He has been frequently criticised for taking a far from impartial view on the matter of Scottish independence – only, of course, it won’t be independence but “independence in Europe” – a few more places on the gravy train for some Scots but that’s all.

    The coalition has scrapped Regional Assemblies but, of course, the essential, treaty-based functions of EU regional government are carried on by even more obscure bodies. “Localism” from this government is an equal sham.

    • Edward. says:

      Thank you Mr. Spalton,

      Always interesting and thought provoking comment from you Sir.

      Indeed Edward, there is a subtext and movement beneath the surface, wheels within wheels as it were.

      I firmly believe this was all planned and considered well before Britain joined the EEC. Local government acts, were already in the pipeline or in place from the late 60’s and Britain.
      With British help, from our very own civil service who swear allegiance to the Queen and country helped with the planning from the blueprints drafted in the 50’s onwards.

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