At least the Swiss get a vote on it

A report on swissinfo informs us that the people of Switzerland are about to vote on a move to make life more “family friendly”, especially for those who wish to combine their role of career with that of being a parent. Compare that situation with the one which was enforced on the people of this country by our politicians – with a little help from Brussels(?).

Regardless of the origins of the law to which we in the UK are “saddled”, should we not have been able to decide whether we wished this law to be introduced – and more importantly, whether we were prepared to fund it? Should it not be up to the local area, ie the county, whether we wish to provide what is a “perk” to one section of our society? More importantly, what is it the business of national politicians per se? All things considered, are they paying for this “perk” or are we? It should be remembered that this “perk” – and the use of that word will no doubt upset many, to which I can only say: Result! – also applies not only to the question of parental leave but also to the subsequent cost to whoever employs them.

I have posted on this question of families and the decision to have children and the point about not taking on additional cost that you cannot afford and expecting the state to subsidize said cost. In order to save me the time and trouble of linking to previous posts and new readers searching my blog, I can only repeat a saying of those who no longer look on the US as having a special relationship with the UK: Go figure!




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