At ease with our decline?

Writing in the Mail, Alex Brummer questions whether the last 60 years can be classified as ‘diamond’, bearing in mind the decline of British industry; while Matthew Norman, writing in the Independent, proclaims that our country seems at ease with itself, commenting that thankfully there was a dearth of smugness and triumphalism. Matthew d’Ancona, writing in the Evening Standard, comments that  the political class is already sifting through the weekend’s tea leaves for messages about the people they represent.

Was not the decline in British industry caused by the separate actions of small sections of our population (and yes, that includes unions and the political class) undertaken for their own reasons while at the same time ‘cocking a snook’ at the majority? Is not the fact that the British are considered to be at ease with themselves (debateable, to say the least) not the result of political brainwashing coupled with the imposition of diversity and equality? Does not the fact the political class are reputed to be looking for messages about the people they are supposed to represent only show that if they truly did represent the people they would not have to look for said ‘messages’?

Those three points are but three of the reasons why this country is in the mess it is. When will people realize that we all have obligations, not only to ourselves but also to the country in which we had the good fortune to be born? Does not individual prosperity also depend on our country’s prosperity? What exactly is wrong in exhibiting smugness and triumphalism when showing pride in one’s country? What exactly is right in allowing the continuance of elected representation that does not actually represent those it is meant to serve

2016 will be the 240th anniversary of a famous declaration of independence – do we really have to wait to add our congratulations of that 240th anniversary before that nation is able to send us their congratulations on the first anniversary of our own declaration of independence?


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  1. Edward. says:

    As surely as the bell-hop at a Top London hotel smiles and accepts the proffered fiver, or the concierge who organises the evenings ‘entertainment’ the back hander, a £50 note fawningly snatched from the Arab hand. Since [and before] the 1970’s, Britain whored herself to the highest bidder and sold off the family silver far too easily and cheaply but then we were run and down by a set of bandits and a**e bandits, we call ‘politicians’.

    Scum of the earth running the country for the establishment scum.

    Sixty years? Politically speaking, I’d say the malaise goes back to the courting of Marxism which goes way back but the acceleration of decline was steeply inclined the day we entered involuntarily onto the slavers dais. From 1972, frankly speaking we ourselves – were sold into bondage, our chattels gleefully seized by our neighbours and especially the ‘old enemy’ from across the channel – they still crow about it now.

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