Another ‘stitch-up’ for 2015?

Nick Clegg is reported to have said that if there is yet another hung parliament as a result of the 2015 election, he would be open to forming a coalition with the Labour Party. Setting to one side the question of whether there would be sufficient Liberal Democrat MPs* to even make the question of a coalition possible, what I find interesting is this quote:

“If the British people said that was the only combination which could work would be those two parties…….”

This can only be taken to mean that the British people would be given the opportunity of agreeing to another coalition government by means of a referendum, or similar (or has Clegg once again failed to synchronize brain and voice box).

Where coalitions and the present relationship twixt Cameron and Clegg are concerned, there appears to be a rather telling expression on Clegg’s face in the picture that has been used – but I digress……

Anyway, methinks that Master Clegg is getting a little too big for his boots and that he is counting his chickens before they have hatched. In any case, where current opinion polls are concerned, Clegg might not be an MP and it might then be necessary to ‘commission’ a post for him in sprout-land Brussels.

*Afterthought: the way things are going Clegg might not be the only party leader who only just scrapes into double figures where the number of seats obtained is concerned – eh, Mr. Cameron?


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  1. A K Haart says:

    Clegg is a true Eurocrat. He sees power as a matter of doing deals behind closed doors. For him, the electorate and their aspirations simply don’t come into it.

    • david says:

      That is also true of Cameron & Miliband – in fact of the political class in general.

      That is why change to our democracy and political system is so necessary,.

  2. Peter C says:

    “If the British people said that was the only combination which could work would be those two parties…….”

    Come on, David, you know politician-speak as well as I. The meaning is clear, should no party gain an outright majority then it means the people have an overwhelming desire for, and thus have voted for, a coalition, simple. The true meaning, that the people despise and distrust them all and want none of them cannot be entertained. In other words, it is what we say it is, we being the political class.

    I think perhaps a minor change in electoral regulation could go a long way to correcting at least part of the failings in our electoral system. If the votes not cast for persons standing, based on the total number of registered electors and including spoiled and ‘none of the above’ ballots, exceeds the vote gained by the ‘winner’ then no MP would be returned for that seat. Instead a new ballot would have to be run from which all those previously standing would be disbarred. Now that could really galvanise the electorate! A useful added wrinkle might be that in the event of no MP being returned at all, the people of that constituency would be exempt from any law or regulation passed by that parliament.

    I expect you did know the politician-speak for what it was and were being ironic, or something. As you know, I rarely catch irony, sarcasm, etc. unless it is really explicit.

    • david says:

      I shall attempt to be more direct with my sarcasm in future then……..

      Interesting suggestion re none of the above and will put that up for discussion in a post tomorrow.

  3. cosmic says:

    All a bit academic I’d say.

    Has a right sort of feel about it.

  4. james Higham says:

    Will someone please put this Cleggover out of his misery?

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