Another Cameron blatant lie

In his interview on Marr today David Cameron continued the lie about Norway having no voice in the EU regulations she has to implement – and Marr did not pick him up on this, not that Marr would know any different.

While the “EU section” starts at 43:02, at 43:44 comes another lie and that concerns the percentage of our trade that we do with the European Union. Cameron maintains that this figure is 50%, but this is skewed by what is known as the Rotterdam/Antwerp effect. This can be explained best by linking to a post from Helen Szamuely, Your Freedom and Ours, in which she quotes from a written parliamentary answer to a question from Lord Pearson.

Global Britain has a Briefing Note on this Rotterdam/Antwerp matter which is well worth reading also. This source mentions the ONS Pink Book (page 200) which is the top google link here and which opens a pdf version, from which, page 200:

“Trade in goods
Exports of goods are allocated to the country of destination; imports of goods are allocated according to the country of consignment. However, export figures from a country (A) to another country (B) may over-estimate the value of goods actually consumed in that country (B) if the importer forwards the goods on to another country (C). There are several reasons for this: ‘the Rotterdam/Antwerp effect’ (exports are
properly attributed to the country where the port of discharge is located, following international convention, but are then re-exported to the country of final destination); other transit trade (goods passing straight through the country); and triangular trade (where goods are sold from member state A to
B and on to C, but the goods move directly from A to C). ‘The Rotterdam/Antwerp effect’ is a particular issue with the UK because of exports routed through Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium. No information is available on the value of UK exports that are subsequently shipped on to other countries, although investigations are taking place. The principal data source for trade in goods is HMRC
(see the methodological notes on ‘Trade in goods (Chapter 2)’ for more details).”

Unfortunately Chapter 2 (begins on page 33) is quite long and contains many graphs and tables, so it would be worthwhile any reader wishing to view these downloading the Pink Book from the link above.

What is being demonstrated here is that in any discussion about ‘matters EU’ the political class intend to lie until they are blue in the face. This does not bode well for any debate during a referendum process – and there is another problem. If they have been shown to be lying, which they have over the Norway “government by fax” meme and now over the percentage of trade done with the EU, it can but call into question every fact that they intend publishing in the forthcoming audit of EU competences.

As Richard North notes the UK was taken into the EEC by a duplicitous Tory politician and it looks as though we will be kept in the EU by another of the same breed. So much for democracy!


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  1. john in cheshire says:

    I’m afraid that I’ve come to the conclusion Mr Cameron follows the faith of justified lying. He doesn’t think that being truthful is a prerequisite to being a mensch. In that respect, he’s in good company with our muslim and socialist neighbours And that is one of the main reasons for restoring Christian morals to our benighted country. Maybe I’m just too stupid to understand, but I can’t see why everyone doesn’t accept Jesus. Marx is a poor substitute and Mr Dawkins is quite frankly a joke as someone to use as a basis for living. Sorry, I’m not trying to preach but there is something clearly lacking in our Western psyche that we reject the one person who gives us all that we need.
    Ah, well, that’s just me; probably.

  2. Boudicca says:

    They lie because there is no credible economic argument for us staying in the EU.

    We are in it for political reasons but they daren’t spell out what they are and they know they cannot get public approval.

  3. graham wood says:

    JIC. Not quite alone John. 1 Kings 19:10.

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