And yet another voice on Article 50

“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
Winston Churchill

In a recent post on matters EU, Richard North EUReferendum linked to the fact that Charles Crawford – an ex-Ambassador of this country – had stated that the only way out was through Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

We now have another voice saying the same thing:

“This Friday, the mainstream media must focus on exposing the feeble foundations of his EU policy. If David Cameron is serious about renegotiation, he must first notify the EU that Britain will leave.”

We have all seen that David Cameron was not the dog’s “important bits” where the truth was concerned on his “government-by-fax” accusation in respect of Norway – as he will be shown not to be over his renegotiation meme.

Just watch……….

7 Responses

  1. Andy Baxter says:

    article 50 is gathering traction…….

  2. cosmic says:

    It’s good the word is starting to get out about Article 50.

    The problem with the renegotiation line is that on the face of it, it sounds so damned reasonable. You don’t have to look very far to see it’s a nonsense, but you do have to look. The renegotiation line is purely a Tory fantasy.

    I sometimes wonder if the likes of Cameron know anything about ‘Europe’. The position they’ve inherited is that they are in favour, changing that position would involve a lot of upset, and there are things like fax-democracy, they chant as part of a creed, without any thought.

  3. graham wood says:

    Invoking Article 50? Gaining traction? Invoking Article 50 by this government presupposes an intention on its part to leave the EU.
    This is not Cameron’s intention as he has repeated so often, so there is little point in speculating about this as a realistic possibility.

    We wait to see, but I agree with those who believe that the Great Man’s speech tomorrow will offer some sort of vague In/In referendum scenario – it will be a classic Cameron “jam tomorrow” approach.

    • Andy Baxter says:

      wo said anything about Cameron using article 50, my comment was meant to convey that article 50 awareness is gaining traction, wheter it is adopted as policy is a snowball in hell’s chance at present but at least it’s being talked about….a little more…..

    • david says:

      If Cameron wishes to claw back powers, the only way he will be able to do that is by using Article 50. As Andy Baxter says, the fact it is gaining traction, ie being talked about, is the important point.

      The stupidity of Cameron’s position is that he cannot break the Acquis and remain a full member – simples and why he cannot accept that is stupidity in the extreme.

  4. New Alliance says:

    Article 50 is the agreed way out for a member state that wishes to leave the EU.

    In theory, under International Law, a state could ‘denounce’ the Lisbon Treaty on some technicality, like deception or coercion of the Irish people, and it would find itself outside the EU. 3 months is the normal wind-down period, but it could be changed in some circumstances.

    Or in theory, the EU could throw out the state for breach of treaty.

    The link covers international law provisions (Vienna Convention), some may also be interested in whether powers can be repatriated – see:

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