And what the people want?

As with so much in our lives it is not what we want that seems to matter, rather it is politicians, quangoheads and charityheads telling us what we want that seems to matter.

Theresa May has played down the possibility of routinely arming the police, despite the killing of two female officers in Manchester on Tuesday. Speaking after a meeting with Greater Manchester Police chief Sir Peter Fahy, the Home Secretary said the force had been “devastated” by the incident, but that officers “very much support” not carrying firearms. We also have Hugh Orde, the Chief of ACPO, writing in the Guardian Cif to advise us that the police do not wish to be armed.

May, Orde and the police (assuming the latter’s remarks are true) have no place telling us, who provide their income, what we want – they are public servants who should be implementing that which their paymasters demand, regardless of their personal views. If they don’t like that which they are asked to do, then they can always take the honourable course of action.

Just saying………………



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  1. john in cheshire says:

    If the police are only ordinary members of the public, employed by the rest of us to do a job, then if they are to be armed, I want to be armed. In fact, I suspect that if ordinary citizens of our country were allowed to possess weapons, there would be fewer gratuitous killings, including by the police.

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