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While Jamaican Usain Bolt scooped the title as “the fastest man on Earth” at the London Olympics, some were amused to note who were the winners and losers among the eurozone countries. Comparing the success of the EU and US, the Europeans comfortably strolled into first place, taking home 92 golds compared to 46 for the US. However, it is also interesting to note that the medal tally of euro member countries versus non-euro members, shows the credit crunch effect, with 41 golds for the eurozone compared to 51 for non eurozone members.

London-born Nicolas Vadot (b. 1971) is a Franco-British cartoonist. He grew up in France, before moving to Brussels at 17. Winner of the Press Cartoon Europe (PCE)award, his cartoons appear in magazines like Le Vif/L’Express, the daily l’Echo and its weekly supplement Mon Argent.

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  1. Dave H says:

    It’s not really a fair comparison between EU and USA because in some events, the USA was only allowed two or three entrants, whereas the EU could have had several times that.

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