And the point of this is?

The European Union has published a reminder that the Consultation on the 2013 EU Citizenship Report “EU citizens – Your rights, your future” is open until 9th September 2012.

Methinks that the Disclaimer rather underlines the fact that there is little point in participating in this survey – and that is without undertaking any detailed criticism of the questions, their ‘framing’, nor that this survey is but another attempt to continue the facade that democracy per se exists in what is undoubtedly an undemocratic organization.

Just saying…..


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  1. graham wood says:

    ““EU citizens – Your rights, your future” What a fatuous meaningless and typically PC piece of twaddle. The EU loves to keep up the myth that we are all their “citizens”, without a shred of evidence that anybody accepts the bogus concept for a moment, and especially in the UK.
    They also like to perpetuate the similar myth that they can issue “rights” for us. As you say, don’t even bother to waste a passing moment on their survey. How great to think this appalling Soviet will soon be spiralling down the loo with no regrets whatsoever.

  2. Link doesn’t work.

  3. Chris says:

    Phew! That was fun. There are some appalling questionnaires around nowadays but that was one of the worst. The agenda was, shall we say, fairly visible.

  4. wg says:

    As usual, Graham Wood is on the ball – the EU doesn’t have my rights in its hands.

    The questionaire is a data mining exercise.

    And why does the EU insist on producing documents that can only be read with great difficulty – do they do this on purpose.

    Thanks David, but I think that I’ll give it a miss; makes them feel important!

  5. Woodsy42 says:

    Maybe they just want to (pretend to) show that they care while taking another small step into a position of influence? – the scheming bastards!

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