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And the difference twixt Peter the Disciple and David Cameron is?

The article by Melanie Phillips brought to mind Luke 22:34, the only difference being that unlike Peter, David Cameron did not leave the BBC studio weeping, but more likely laughing his head off.

Melanie Phillips ends her post:

“The Europe issue is once again being rigged, as it has been since Britain was lied to and blackmailed into endorsing UK membership of the damn thing nearly four decades ago.”

a statement which confirms the attitude of those that are supposed to “serve and represent us”, namely to hell with what the British people think or want.

Where the question of the relationship twixt electorate and politician is concerned, the silent cry of the former – to paraphrase Henry II – must be: Will no-on rid us of these turbulent parasites?

That crie-de-coeur will no doubt come to pass – when the electorate wake up to what is being done in their name.

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