An open letter to David Cameron

While it naturally sounds extremely self-important for a minnow in the blogsphere to trumpet the fact that our Prime Minister reads this blog, as he so obviously does, perhaps he may take time out of his day to respond to the following:

Dear Mr. Cameron,

You are reported, in the Daily Mail and likewise in the Guardian, as stating that where this country’s membership of the European Union is concerned you wish to retain the status quo, your reasons being based on the point that:

“I don’t think it’s right to aim for a status like Norway or Switzerland where basically you have to obey all the rules of the single market but you don’t have a say over what they are.”

Let us deal with this assertion that Norway and Switzerland have to obey all the rules of the single market but don’t have any say over what they are. Forgive my bluntness but, as you are well aware, I am one who tends to speak their mind.

Where the rules of the single market are concerned you are fully aware that your statement belies the way most single market legislation is made. It is well known that most proposals, by the time they reach the Council for a vote, are already cast in stone and thus unable to be changed; consequently the voting issue is the last and least important part of the process. Not least, a huge amount of technical legislation is formulated at a global or regional level, in bodies such as UNECE (on which Norway is represented) and then handed down to the EU institutions as “diqules” which cannot, in substance, be changed. Thus Norway, for example, has a considerable say in the nature of regulation, long before it gets anywhere near the EU.

You are also aware that as members of EFTA both Norway and Switzerland are represented on over 200 EEA committees which assist in the framing of Single Market legislation. You are also aware that as members of EFTA those nations have the ability to refuse to implement any Directive that the European Commission produces; something that Norway did do in respect of the 3rd Postal Directive, one which this country had to implement via the Postal Services Act 2011. You keep talking about “influence” that you maintain the UK has, yet you know damn well that with the steady gravitation to Qualified Majority Voting the UK’s mythical “influence” in the EU is being diluted to nothing.

The assertion by you, with regard to Norway and Switzerland, shows that you, Sir, are disingenuous, that you are a liar and thus guilty of misleading the public. Following the indecisive result of the 2010 General Election, when you seized power you wrote in the Foreward to your manifesto, one on which not one voter had had the opportunity to accept or reject, that you would extend transparency to every area of public life. Transparency means being open and honest with those you are elected to serve, something which during the past two years you have exhibited a tendency not to so do – but then why break the habit of a political lifetime?

I remain,

Yours sincerely,

David Phipps



15 Responses

  1. Nice one David, just spotted Cameron’s interview in the Belfast Telegraph myself, didn’t realise till now it’s appeared in other papers too

    • david says:

      Thanks – that really pissed me off as you no doubt realized! Here’s hoping other bloggers pick it up and post similar (Hint?)

      • I did have an indication you weren’t an ‘appy bunny 😉 Cameron is knowingly and openingly lying.

        • Nick says:

          He doesn’t see it that way and his wording is very clever. Instead of setting out the information he promotes a partisan view hoping people will accept the puff without question. Were he to be challenged he would respond as Open Europe did.

  2. Oldrightie says:

    Excellent but he’s only doing as he’s told by his Mandarins in Whitehall, who in turn are slavering over potential top jobs in Brussels.

  3. Nick says:

    They do seem to dislike Switzerland something rotten.

    Could it be because over there the people control the government? The low taxes? The wealthy, independent population? The excellent services despite those low taxes? The to the second train network that makes a profit?

    Yes, all such must really annoy Mr Cameron. To think, here’s a nation in every way better than Britain and all because the government cannot dictate terms to the people, the very antithesis of his perspective.

    The Swiss have already rejected a carbon tax, and mostly oppose the lie of climate change. A subsidy plan was rejected and wind turbines refused. Under this arrogant lot such would be forced through. In Switzerland they are forced to do what the people want them to. I tihnk that’d cause the political class to explode.

  4. Your views are just as important as all the Celebs, actors, pop-musicians, etc who spout their views and get front page coverage. Some actor, whom I had never heard of, was given front page coverage a few days ago for his view that we should adopt the white poppy for Armistice Day. I’ve never understood why anyone takes views of these people seriously, they may have talent in their particular field, but their views in other matters should hold no more weight than yours or mine.

    • Ah yes, the old ‘appeal to authority’ has now been merged with the supposed ‘credibility of celebrity’. Politicians think if a celeb is popular they are therefore influential and can be used to drive forward a political agenda.

      Matt Damon was used in this way by the political left in the US, but now he’s become disillusioned because he had a genuine campaign agenda of his own the political class were not driving forward, and has consequently attacked the very people who relied on his endorsement.

      We can expect to see more of this in the months ahead as the celebs also learn the political class’ interests are not their interests.

      • john in cheshire says:

        There will also be a deluge of bullying from so-called leaders of Industry, threatening all sorts of strife should be choose to withdraw from the EU. They did so during the Euro debate; for example, I recall the head of Toyota threatened to relocate all their production to within the Eurozone if we kept the Pound. They’ll use the same cheap tricks again this time around.

  5. microdave says:

    “When you seized power you wrote in the Foreward to your manifesto”

    Is this the document you are referring to?…/dg_187876.pdf

    If so, in the spiel on pages 7&8, he talks about how he (and Cleggy) “Would extend transparency to every area of public life” and how “We both want a Britain where our political system is looked at with admiration, not anger”

    What happened Mr Cameron?

  6. xmfclick says:

    Good work from WfW, adding to that of AM, EU Ref and TBF. My suggestion is that as many people as possible write to their MP, which is easy to do via, pointing out the fallacy of the Norway/”fax from Brussels” argument and letting your local trougher know that he will be called out as a liar if he repeats these falsehoods, now having been informed of Cameron’s, er, disingenuousness in this regard (BTW, do we know what the Millipede says on the subject?)

    • Might I suggest that people use the opportunity to phone in to radio shows, comment in local papers and use their blogs and Twitter to spread the word? Bypass the mainstream media and speak directly to voters. Get them curious and justify their distrust of the politicians by exposing the lies and misrepresentations.

  7. Edward Spalton says:


    Thank you very much for this. Your letter has saved me the effort of composition. I have another sixth form debate shortly and the myth of “government by fax” is certain to raise its head. This will mow off that head very nicely

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