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Richard North, EUReferendum, posted on the Mail’s story about, quote: “European leaders” agreeing plans for greater defence co-operation, in a deal that is the “first step towards joining Euro Army”.

Both he and I often complain about the standard of journalism in this country in that invariably that which they write is pure ‘uninformed’ rubbish. This story is factually incorrect, as Richard North notes, but also had the Mail journalist ‘done his homework’ he would have known this idea of an “EU Army” – or Air Force, or Navy – is not new. Did not Guido Westerwelle say in 2010 that Berlin supported the long term goal of creating a European army, which will bolster the EU’s role as a global player?

While we all know that politicians love their military toys and showing them off on the ‘world stage’, perhaps the Mail is talking about another type of ‘army’, one the bones of which already exist, for purposes other than defence of the EU empire from outside attack.

Back in 2009, Ian Parker-Joseph posted – and reposted the same article in December 2011 – about the work of the European Institute for Strategic Studies (EUISS) and a paper they published, one entitled “What Ambitions for European Defence in 2020” We read, from IPJ’s post that:

“This leaked 175-page .pdf was produced by the EU Institute for Security Studies, an EU policy think-tank. (subsequently adopted by the EU Council and EU Commission in full).”

From the conclusions of this think tank we read:

“ESDP is predicated on the assumption that the collective defence of EU Member States falls outside its remit. ‘Expanded Petersberg tasks’ can thus simply be defined as ‘anything but collective defence’. That European solidarity – predicated on a common European destiny – will evolve over
time so as to include assisting any EU Member State that is a ‘victim of armed aggression on its territory’ cannot be ruled out. Establishing a collective defence mechanism is unnecessary today. NATO is the military expression of transatlantic solidarity, and as such the guarantor of European security. The prospect of a common ‘solidarity force’, with a standard doctrine and common rules of engagement, would constitute a step towards a fully-fledged European defence which is not on the cards today, and seems a very unlikely prospect in 2020.”


“……moving towards common forces and collective defence is not a
scenario on which we should focus in the years to come: rather, we should concentrate our resources on developing a robust and effective military and civilian EU Peace Corps for crisis management.”

What is being suggested by IPJ, a view to which I too concur, is not so much a civilian/military army for external use, but one for internal use. The defense of the EU is not aimed at attack from without, but attack from within. One has to remember, were there not rumours that EUGENDFOR has already been used to resolve ‘rebellion’ among the Greek people? It should also be remembered that what can be used externally can also be used internally. The Trans European Network – Transport (TEN-T) is supposedly to produce an integrated transport network to facilitate travel and movement of freight within the EU – but it would also enable the movement of the necessary civilian/military forces within the EU should the need arise from a situation which involved the mass uprising of those in one member state and the inability of the ‘home forces’ to contain said uprising.

Ask yourself, what is the prime aim of any dictator(ship)? Is it not to retain their position of power? Do they not ensure that they have the means at their disposal to cement their personal position? Do they not go to any extreme so to do?

As yourself, how many of the public know of EUGENDFOR? How many of the public know of the existence of the EUISS? How many of the public know the detail of what is agreed at meeting of the EU Heads of State Council? How many of the public know all the ‘bodies’ within the EU that are working for the furtherance of the EU’s aims?

Come to that, how many of the public are aware of the detail of what is agreed at Cabinet meetings? How many of the public are aware of what plans the political class have to curb mass civilian unrest – and I am not talking about the ‘riots’ as I would not put it past the political class having ‘engineered’ that as a training exercise for our ‘law & order’ forces.

All of which kinda prompts a question to the public: Still not interested in how your country is governed? Still wish to adopt the position of an ostrich? Still content to leave the future of our country – and that of yourselves – in the hands of our ‘elected representatives’ all of whom believe in that quaint system of democracy called representative democracy – aka ‘democratized dictatorship’?

Ok so, besides being a cynic, I am also a conspiracy theorist. (Grins)

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  1. Andy Baxter says:

    You’re no conspiracy theorist WfW, well if you are I must be too!!
    Some more info for your readers that may be of interest and worthy of further research I’d suggest.

    “Project INDECT” is one I’ve followed closely for a couple of years now as it aims to mine data from television, (that’s why they want us to go digital then) internet traffic, cell-phone conversations, p2p file sharing and a range of other sources for as they put it “crime prevention and threat prediction” to keep us and the ‘cheeeldren’ safe. And guess what you’re paying for it, over 20 million Euros so far….Ohh…..and it began in January 2009 and is set to run to 2014 under its current mandate.

    And as you say this is on top of all the other “institutions” and organisations that have already been set up:


    All of which amongst other things will take care of security in society, “socio-economic, political and cultural aspects of security, ethics and values, acceptance of security solutions, social environment and perceptions of security” is the blurb from just one of them.

    The infrastructure is well on its way to control, corral, bully, intimidate, frighten, cajole and suppress any and all dissent from within.

    It’s unbelievably sinister and insidious and is mission creep of the highest order!

    So rest assured whatever you are doing the new Supreme Government of Europe will be listening to your every word or online action, watching you’re every move and recording it all and for what purpose?

    Where is the democratic mandate for all this expense and intrusion? I didn’t vote for it, most of it although it’s there if you look, is never publicised in manifestos!

    Reassuring………isn’t it?

    I feel safer already.

    As I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, those of us involved in Harrogate can expect all this to be used in the fight against our demands.

    • david says:

      As you say Andy, they do like their acronyms…….

      It is frightening and the more you delve the more frightening it becomes.

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