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Agreement in Athens

After several days of tense negotiations, the three government coalition parties have agreed on a plan of savings amounting to €11.5 billion. The leaders of Pasok (Socialist) and Democratic Left – Evangelos Venizelos and Fotis Kouvelis – withdrew opposition to measures including slashing wages and pensions. Greek PM Antonis Samaras can now conduct negotiations with the EU-ECB-IMF in order to relax the bailout conditions imposed on the country.

Fotis Kouvelis, Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos

     “We agreed … On the outline of the measures … Details later.”

Ilias Makris (b. 1956) became an illustrator after studying painting and sculpture in Germany. He has worked for various publications, including To Vima and To Ethnos. He is now the star cartoonist for the Greek daily Kathimerini

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