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Yesterday evening on the BBC 6 ‘Clock News David Cameron was interviewed by James Landale from which the clip in this item was taken.

In a telephone conversation with a friend of mine (who can ‘out’ himself in the comments if he so wishes) about an unrelated matter, the conversation eventually got round to matters EU

In that conversation I was informed that Cameron, when ‘pushed’ by Landale stated that as part of his “renegotiation” of our terms of membership with the EU that in the next Parliament he would use Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

I watched on iplayer the 6 O’Clock news (which surprise, surprise contained no mention of this snippet) and on returning to check a few minutes ago found that it was no longer available.

This can only mean that a bit of editing has been done which begs the question at the request of whom? One can only presume that someone in No10 had a ‘hissy fit’ at such a commitment and made a few phone calls – which can only lead to the assumption that censorship has been practiced for the benefit of political gain.

As to the heading of this post: I don’t suppose anyone recorded the 6 O’Clock news last night and can make a copy of that available? It might be worth checking the 10 O’Clock News too if anyone recorded that.

Just asking……….

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  1. I can’t give you good news regarding a recording, but if Cameron has said that, it is significant – blimey.

    News on iplayer has always been odd, all other programmes are available for 7 days – one wonders why the news isn’t?

    • David says:

      My ‘friend is adamant that that is what Cameron said – I believe his wife heard it too. There is indeed, it would appear, something definitely rotten about this.

      • Some footage of the interview on YouTube but none that shows the relevant bit. Have tweeted James Landale to see if he can clarify.

      • IanPJ says:

        Just to keep the record straight for your readers, that conversation you had was with me.

        I had one of those double take moments listening to the news, and immediately said to my wife, “Did you hear that, I don’t believe he said that. He has just made a commitment”.

        Cameron clearly stated “that in the next parliament we would use Article 50 to renegotiate a new relationship with the EU”.

        Surely I cannot be the only one who heard that!

        • Cheers IPJ, I don’t doubt you, but it would be nice to get hold of the damning footage 🙂

        • david says:

          Thanks for the clarification. As it happens I too tweeted a journalist with a link to this post OFlynn of the Express) and so far the result is silence. See reply to TBF re the Ministry of Truth.

  2. Edward Spalton says:

    George Orwell modelled the Ministry of Truth in “1984” on his experiences in the BBC.
    It’s a long time since I read the book but wasn’t there a “memory hole” down which records of facts which no longer fitted the official line were disposed?
    Of course,Orwell also had the Soviet Union in mind.

  3. graham wood says:

    “In that conversation I was informed that Cameron, when ‘pushed’ by Landale stated that as part of his “renegotiation” of our terms of membership with the EU that in the next Parliament he would use Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.”

    Well David, the above mist have come from SOMEWHERE, and presumably we can reasonably assume Cameron said it. In which case it is worth asking the BBC to confirm the allusion to Lisbon, and/or to ask Cameron (or one’s own MP – Ha Ha) to clarify.
    It is after all crucially important to know whether Cameron in any future “negotiations” (almost certainly doomed and conveniently for him scheduled to last years not months) would be prepared to invoke Article 50 of Lisbon – i.e. the ‘threat’ to leave the EU on the part of the UK.

    Original Article at Witterings from Witney http://witteringsfromwitney.com/a-request/#comments

  4. graham wood says:

    Its just occurred to me that there is the potential for another approach on this one – and espeically in the light IanPJ’s comment as to what he actually heard.
    It is to ‘innocently’ contact Cemeron’s Press Office and simply ask for further clarification on the allusion made by the PM to Clause 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. In other words, take it as said, but all we are asking for is some clarification since it appears to be missing from the later report(s)
    The response would be most intersting!

  5. Bill Sikes' Dog says:

    At a slight tangent : if he has difficulty in translating ” Magna Carta ” , how on earth is he going to get on with the word ” No ” ?

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