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A musical interlude

To ‘break-up’ the continual ‘political theme’ of my posts, I thought it might be time for another of the above.

I recently posted about the series of ‘thrillers’ that appeared on BBC television during the late ’70s and early 80s, a series authored by Michael J. Bird; all of which, bar the last, were based in Greek surroundings, such as Crete or Rhodes. One such series was entitled: “The Dark Side of the Sun” – and was noticeable for possibly a reason which was not immediately apparent by those who remember it –  in that in this particular series each character was provided a ‘theme tune’, which was used when they appeared where there was no dialogue in the script. One such ‘theme’ was Anne’s Song.

Digressing slightly, it will be acknowledged that what makes any film, or tv series, memorable is the theme tune and the use of incidental music, especially when the visual content is taken into consideration. What may be termed ‘a stroke of genius’ where the Dark Side of the Sun was concerned was that over the ‘closing credits’. those credits were ‘rolled’ over a shortened version of the main theme wherein the sun was shown setting over the horizon, across a view of the open sea – and as the sun disappeared, it coincided with the last note of the main theme.

Anyway, from that series I leave you with the main theme and Anne’s Song.

Hopefully: enjoy.


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