A ‘fruitcake’ from the Conservative Party

Greg Barker – an appropriate name for a dog-lover (among other loves) – has what one might call (I was immediately tempted to use the word ‘queer’ – but what the hell, why not?) queer views where health concerns and providing overseas aid is concerned.

In respect of the latter, he believes that if we don’t give nearly £2billion in aid to poor countries to help them switch to green energy then the UK could well lose, due to military intervention, yet more lives through having to ‘bang a few heads together’.

And the Conservative party do not have members who are ”fruitcakes’?

Just asking……..

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  1. Ian E says:

    Just barking!

  2. A K Haart says:

    A ‘fruitcake’ from the Conservative Party

    Just the one?

  3. Robin says:

    “lead to war where Britain is forced to intervene ”

    Understandable in the 19 century , empire and all that . Johnnie Foreigner can be excitable and need a gunboat to quell restles natives .

    Now in the 21c , we send an Apache helicopter . A wind turbine thing turned sideways .

  4. james Higham says:

    Thanks for that reminder – have to get some Christmas cake in.

  5. We’ve given up our Empire when we would have needed to intervene, but for some reason our politicians still want to keep interfering in other countries.
    When did Switzerland last find it necessary to intervene in another country? They seem to be doing quite nicely nicely by keeping themselves to themselves. We should do the same.

  6. petermg says:

    Our political class have neither the wit nor the nous to understand that today’s world needs another kind of leadership. And that is to lead the world into greater freedom by allowing people the responsibility for their actions. Once this happens, intervention in others affairs become unnecessary.

  7. Edward. says:

    I read some of Barker’s barking in one of the rags. Barker intoned gravely that – “The minister warned climate change would be ‘a very aggravating factor’ that could threaten the future stability of countries such as Somalia, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

    From Daily Mail here

    The academic life of intellectually demanding subjects, of mental stimulation and rigour, plainly did not suit our prospective PM. Cameron, went to Eton and then on to Oxford and attained the bog standard PPE – any Tom, Dave or Ed could get.

    And thus, in order not to show expose himself to ridicule and condescending sneers – Dave had to surround himself with even less gifted ‘lights’.

    And then – there was Greg, astoundingly how Greg managed to inveigled a cabinet post in Dave’s crew God and the Angels only know but the British public, if they had not suspected it before, now know that in Greg Barker’s case, “the lights are on but there’s no one home”.

    • david says:

      As I commented on another blog we suffer with not having people of learning who understand that on which they pontificate.

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