A few thoughts on mini-election day

Now safely ensconced in hotel room awaiting the opening of the bar at 17:00 and dinner which is due at approximately 19:30. Harrogate Agenda meeting tomorrow 10:00 until approximately 17:00.

I have been catching up on events in the by-elections and PCC elections and am quietly amused with the media frenzy analyzing the results and percentage swings. For heavens sake, it is mid-term electorally with an unpopular government; so just what did these media ‘experts’ thini would happen?

It is, at the same time, depressing to note the various political parties hailing the election of their candidate for ‘this’ or ‘that’ PCC area because not one party appears to realize that they have just accomplished something that one thought they were set against – namely the politicization of the police force.

Posting may be a tad intermittent twixt now and Saturday evening, although I will do my utmost to post late tonight (alcohol intake permitting) and during the day tomorrow.

Stay tuned…………



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  1. Tarka the Rotter says:

    Well, there’s one bit of good news – John Prescott failed to get elected…

  2. Sean O'Hare says:

    I debated driving up today, but given the late start decided to save some money and travel up tomorrow morning. Planning to leave home around 7am and with a fair wind should arrive about 9:30. If I’m late make sure there is fresh coffee on the go! It will be the earliest I’ve heaved myself out of bed since I retired 6 years ago. Hope to get some time to talk!

  3. Bellevue says:

    How I wish I could join you, but living in France makes it just impossible. I wish you all the best.
    Sorry to go off topic, but I dont know where else to say this….. but every time I try to go onto Boiling Frog’s blog it gets blocked, saying something like ‘this site is dangerous’ or some such, in French.
    Could you tell him, please.
    Also, have not been able to get the Quiet Man blog for several months …..it just does not load.
    Many thanks.

    • david says:

      Have passed on your comment to both TBF and QM – apologies for tardy response, by the way.

      Any replies, I will email you.

    • @Bellevue Thank you for alerting me to the problem with my blog (via Mr WfW). A number of others have noted it as well. I think I found the cause of it – a link to another blogger (who is now defunct) whose site was infected.

      I have removed the link so it now appears ok (I hope).

      Cheers Bellevue

      • Bellevue says:

        David and Boiling Frog, thank you so much for taking the time to check this out, and then the time to report back to me….. particularly when I know you have had other matters on your mind this weekend!
        I am somewhat overwhelmed by the polite and swift response – not something we expect nowadays, eh?
        Thank you again, Bellevue x
        ps. BF – have to say that the problem seems to be resolved. You computer whizzes amaze me, you really do!

    • QM says:

      As far as I’m aware there are no issues loading onto my site it’s a standard blogger one and I can link to it from home, work even my mobile. I suspect the problem might be that your internet service provider in France blocks the site for some reason. (Might be the EDL link) You could try a different browser or perhaps an anonymous proxy web surfing site such as hide my ass.
      Hope this helps.


      • Bellevue says:

        Thank you for your reply, QM. Unfortunately, you speak gobbledegook as far as I am concerned! Change my provider???? or whatever it was you suggested….. I would find it easier to change my fingerprints.
        However, when my computer geek daughter comes home for christmas (in 3 weeks, 5 days, and 12-something hours – not that I am counting, nor that I have missed her like mad!) I shall get her onto the case.
        Until then, I shall just have to miss out. I have to say that your ‘post titles’ sound most interesting, and I would love to be able to read them.
        All the best, and many thanks for trying to help.

  4. Tarka the Rotter says:

    Couldn’t make the meeting this time, but please pass on best wishes to all there…am with you in spirit

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