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Today at Leamington Spa, those of the Harrogate Agenda who were able to get there met with a packed agenda; the main aim being to accept and ratify the 6 Demands which form the basis of the change to our democracy which the movement is proposing. This, I am pleased to say, was agreed by all those present and signed with the object being to produce a ‘commemorative scroll’; a document which it is hoped will one day be as revered as is the Magna Carta.

Other topics discussed was, summarizing, the formation of a company limited by guarantee, the creation of a website, forum, twitter account and production of videos for youtube. Richard North gave a most interesting talk about the UK’s relationship with the EU and how the aims the Harrogate Agenda are at complete variance with those of the EU where democracy is concerned; and explained how access to the EU single market could be retained. Andy Baxter gave a most illuminating talk on strategy and stressed the point that our movement – and the revolution that it seeks –  must be one reached through peaceful means; because the TPTB are unable to cope with that as they only now how to combat and suppress violent opposition.

As readers will know, the objective of the Harrogate Agenda is to ensure that a breed of new politicians can be created who, regardless of party, will accept their new, reduced, status as the implementers of the people’s decisions. As part of this process it will mean the people will decide those to contest each constituency, with a view to electing the person who regardless of party will, as just stated, do that which their electorate wishes – unlike at present where the political parties decide who, of their favoured candidates, they will put forward for election.

Politicians are justifiably accused, when standing for Parliament, of seeing to secure a career and of having no real desire to ‘serve’ those that they should. Nothing exemplifies this more than the letter from my Member of Parliament who decides he will no longer continue corresponding with me on the outstanding queries I have and which he has palpably refused to answer and intends to ignore.

Unfortunately, as John Harris shows in this article in the Guardian Cif, the political class are not just intent on following their career, they are also intent on ‘keeping it in the family’ – and it has to be asked, this a basis for how a democracy should exist? Can nepotism be allowed to sink any lower?

Just compare and contrast that which exists today and that which the Harrogate Agenda seeks to provide the electorate of this country.

There cannot exist any contest – can there?



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  1. john in cheshire says:

    WfW, thanks for the update. I’m following your collective progress with great interest.

  2. Jim says:

    So am I, I think the public are waking up to the current system. Great interest indeed here.

    Thanks for your work so far, I know its the start of a very long road, but thanks for getting together and putting this together (all of you).

  3. Anoneumouse says:

    ‘common purpose’ a company limited by guarantee

  4. Anoneumouse says:

    ‘ACPO’ a company limited by guarantee

  5. Anoneumouse says:

    ‘Labour Party Properties’ a company limited by guarantee

  6. wg says:

    It’s nice to see the Guardian finally catching up – for God’s sake the Milibands wouldn’t look out of place on the starship Enterprise.

    The conclusion that I have reached is that two very able groups of people have conspired to create a “left” and “right” resulting in a Buggins Turn system of government.

    Believe me David, people are crying out for a “Harrogate Agenda”

  7. Anoneumouse says:

    ‘DiMocracy’ a company limited by guarantee

    • david says:


      It’s a legal instrument for a non profit making organisation for God’s Sake, not an evil signpost. Just because other less scrupulous organizations may have formed companies limited by guarantee does not make it bad. Perhaps you would prefer to fund the Harrogate Agenda instead?

      I have had to deal with one prat today, at Leamington Spa, and have no real desire to repeat the exercise!

      If you wish to comment on my blog, then please do so constructively and do so without attempting to be “clever” – or don’t bother! If that request results in you no longer visiting this site, then I shall weep no tears!

      In case the ‘message’ has still not ‘got through’ – this is my blog and comments are accepted under my rules. Accept that – or ‘Foxtrot Oscar”!

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